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The Spiritual Path

It’s my belief we are all on the spiritual path, conscious of it or not. When we go to a funeral, what are we celebrating – their body, their mind, their financial success; we are mostly celebrating there character and spirit, which could be one of the same thing. Pain can cloud or turbo charge our spirit over time. The pain can be all too much, covering layers over our hearts and lacking the skill to navigate this situation we are left in a default mode of protection, constricting our life force, leaving us feeling dead and disconnected inside.
The Spirit is still there while we breath our way through life, for the above situation. It is a light glow that can be barely seen or felt. With the correct techniques we can fan the spirit into a raging fire that is not out of control, but is like a laser beam that burns bright, helping us through exterior and internal barriers, and that’s where Yoga comes in. It’s a proven system that has lasted thousands of years, it will fan the spirit keeping the body strong and flexible, training the mind to be calm and focused, creating resilience. It’s such an amazing thing and we have this on our door step at Coolum Beach Yoga.
Commit to the practice and let the benefits unfold. Invest in yourself with 100% returns, how much money have you wasted in the past to feel better, for only $38 per week, you have access to unlimited classes, a wealth of knowledge passed on by our teachers. If fear is holding you back, too skinny, too fat, not flexible, fear of being in a class situation. It’s a beautiful thing to witness someone leaning into their deep fears, becoming more human, grounded and connected.
There is only one time to start, and that is NOW. Listen to your spirit – it wants to burn bright, that’s its job!


Benefits of The Heat and Infrared Heating

  • Build resilience
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Detoxification, release heavy metals
  • Speeds up your metabolism to help you loose weight
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Rejuvenates your skin, sweating helps remove impurities
  • Prevention or reduction of depression
  • Improved blood flow to your brain
  • With regular heat exposure you are 40% less likely to die from all causes of premature death
  • Increase production of Norepinephrine, which improves focus and attention

And that’s not all the benefits!
So what are you waiting for – come and get sweaty and enjoy all the benefits!