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I was Born and raised on the outskirts of Melbourne, for most of my adult life I have practiced Yoga. After suffering intense bouts of depression and anxiety, I turned to yoga , it was particularly Hot yoga that helped me level out my nervous system, the dark clouds started to part and I felt good again. My mission is to provide a space where people heal and grow. My Favourite posture is Bow pulling pose,it just feels nice to go deep into the pose,I teach Hot yoga and pilates , I enjoy surfing, bush walking, and building stuff. Fun facts about me,I used to be a Chef,I have invented products and sold them,I have been a driller, taxi driver, telephone technician and a Crane Truck driver, and that’s just to name a few! I like all sorts of music, mostly a song that will get me on the dance floor.

Dan Teachers the Hot Yoga and Pilates HIIT


This is our LOVELY and AMAZING Ali! 🤍

Yoga has completely changed her life , She started her yoga journey in 2018.

When she studied yoga teacher training her intention wasn’t to teach, however after embodying the practises , going deep into the training, and seeing first hand the incredible shifts within her own life, she had to share these teaching with others 

She has a strong passion for Bhakti , the devotional yoga, mantras and sound. 

She experienced the power of vibration and sound in her Bhakti training and it was the most profound and life changing experience she ever had!

She is a mother of 2 Boys, used to be a ski Instructor for 6 years (12 seasons back to back) And a spent some time as a Muay Thai fighter when she lived in New York/Thailand. She loves ALL music, and dancing ,Ali Teachers the Vinyasa Classes , Yin and Fundamentals Class 


I was introduced to yoga some 23 years ago, it was love at first sight! I am in constant gratitude of the transformational healing power of yoga. I teach it, I practice it and I learn from it. I love how yoga brings us right into the present, where everything else ceases to exist during this precious time on the mat and its this very thing that I adore watching permeate throughout my classes and into the students who I have the privilege to lead. A few fun facts about me! I was a chef for 17 years, I owned a restaurant at the age of 23! I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 20 years. I have 2 Furkids, Rockstar and Ruby-Tuesday, they are Australian Terriers. I live in the Hinterlands and love being surrounded by trees, I’m an Earth kid, Virgo Dragon Baby. I love spontaneity, a road trip, camping, a a fire pit! My dad was American and my mother English! I go crazy over amazing food and restaurants and still love cooking. The 3 things I will never stop enjoying are chocolate, a glass of Champagne and the company of my beautiful friends! I love to listen to peoples stories and have the most eclectic and inspiring group of friends. They say your vibe attracts your tribe! Being happy and content no matter where I am or what I am doing is at the very root of my existence. My classes will keep you safe with alignment being a primary focus whilst encouraging intuitive movement along the way. I love a full body flow, breath work, chanting and we will always OM! You will find me teaching Hot Hour, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and HIIT Pilates. A beautiful journey of breath, movement and connection.


I can still remember teaching my first ever Yoga class – It was at Redcliffe – I was so nervous that I had to ask the class to close their eyes whilst I took some deep breaths and got my s**t together – eventually courage prevailed! Thankfully I have mastered and overcome this to enjoy every aspect and privilege that teaching offers. Fast-forward to more recent – I discovered INFERNO HOT PILATES and off I went to complete my training. Come try it – I will guide you through with my quirky humour – its the best BUTT workout…  I’ve also qualified as a Flexologist ( assisted stretching)

I’m a fairly grounded person – I drink “normal” milk, eat meat and enjoy a red wine – and cannot sing in tune

Qualities I’ve personally experienced on my journey are

Humility ,Self-Awareness, Courage ,Strength, Presence ,Surrender, Break-throughs and Break-downs, Honestly the benefits aren’t limited to these; you’ll feel fantastic, look great and shine brighter than ever before… Power for your Body, Energy for your Soul and Wisdom for your Mind. I have done numerous teacher training courses, retreats, master-classes, workshops etc, here in

Australia and Overseas. Always happy to share – just ask …

Jackie Teaches our Hiit Pilates and Vinyasa Yoga  


Mairi is a self-confessed Bikram addict. She originally started practising Bikram yoga right here on the Sunny Coast in 2008 and has had a love/hate relationship with the series ever since. Having wanted to teach for over ten years, she finally ‘bit the bullet’ and completed the Bikram Spring Teacher Training in 2019 in Spain. A native Scot, Mairi originally taught full-time in studios all over London before teaching in Sydney and eventually landing back ‘home’ on the Sunshine Coast, where she now plans to remain. Mairi credits the practice with helping her overcome a number of health issues over the years. Bikram Yoga is also responsible for helping her lose over 38 kg, despite suffering from a thyroid disease. On introducing her children to the practice, she witnessed her son’s lifelong eczema disappear within the space of just one month! Whilst Mairi considers herself to be very much a ‘work in progress’, she is thoroughly passionate about the yoga, having experienced its life-changing effects first-hand. She is totally committed to bringing this message to as many people as possible and helping fellow yogis along on their journey. In one of her previous lives, Mairi was a broadcast journalist and readily admits to being able to ‘talk the hind legs off a donkey’. She is also inherently curious, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself engaged in protracted conversations with her at the front desk! A naturally bubbly and outgoing character, Mairi is also extremely empathetic by nature and totally understands the struggles many of us face, both on and off the mat. She strives to bring passion, energy and empathy – and a wee bit of Scottish humour – to the classes she teaches. Mairi’s best advice is ‘come as often as you can, be kind to yourself and always remember it’s yoga practice – not yoga perfect’.


Playing sport from an early age I have always been fascinated by movement. But it was when I discovered surfing over 30 years that I began to learn a more poetic way to move the body, one that cultivated a deeper sense of myself and my surroundings. With yoga, it added another dimension to this. “How you move is how you feel” as one of my instructors would tell me. I want to make people feel great. And I believe that yoga is a therapeutic pathway for many of life’s modern ailments, whether that is of the mind or the body. I have been practicing many styles of yoga for over 12 years and bring a bit of each into my classes. Expect a mainly Vinyasa emphasis, centered on mindful movement with breath. I am currently in training to be a Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist, so you many notice some elements of Qigong and Thai Chi coming in as well. I like to create an inclusive and calm environment, with all bodies catered for. It will be great to meet you on the mat.

Brian teaches Vinyasa Saturday Afternoons 


Claires Bio coming soon